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Love story:

perous business man of Bracebridge ate the early asparagus from Keeling’s Stores, and drank Keeling’s sound wine, as he sat on Keeling’s chair of the No. 1 dining-room suite.{65} To-day as he finished the perusal of these most satisfactory renderings of last month’s accounts, Keelin

g felt that he had arrived at a stage, at a plateau on the high upland of his financial prosperity. It stretched all round him sunny and spacious, and he had no doubt in his own mind as to whether it had not been worth while to devote thirty years of a busy life in order to attain it. Th

e reward of his efforts, namely, the establishment of this large and remunerative business, and the enjoyment of an income of which a fifth part provided him

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with all t

hat he could want in the way of

material comfort and complete ease in living, seemed to him a perfectly satisfactory return for his indust

ry. But as far as he could see, there was no further expansion possible in Bracebridge: he had attained the limits of commercial prosperity there, and if he was to devote his energ

stroke, an

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ies, now

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th to a further increase of fortune, he knew that this expansion must take the form of establishing fresh branches

of business in other towns. He did not for a moment doubt his ability to succeed elsewhere as he had succeeded here, for

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